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As a business owner, you are always thinking about the various ways you can push and advertise your business and with more than 2 billion active users, YouTube is a great place to advertise your product or service. 

There are various YouTube marketing strategies that have been known to increase sales, brand awareness and loyalty. 

YouTube ad designs are quite different and although they serve the same purpose, they have different approaches. They also have their own benefits and lack thereof. Some of them include:

  • TRUEVIEW INSTREAM ADS: This ad is the most common type of YouTube ad, Their most common feature is their ability to be skipped. They have a view range of about 12 seconds to 6 minutes. These ads are seen as the kinds that take little to no marketing risks. This occurs because advertisers only pay when a video is watched for more than 30 seconds or has some kind of interaction with the ad. It is low cost because money is only spent on interested viewers and potential clients.
  • NON-SKIPPABLE INSTREAM ADS: This ad is quite similar to Trueview ads with the only difference being that these ads cannot be skipped. Non-skippable ads are usually placed at the beginning of videos or at some point in the video. Advertisers pay for a thousand views at a go. Non-skippable ads are usually 15 to 20 seconds long. They are great for exposure but are not exactly a favorite of the general public. Nobody likes to be forced to watch anything.
  • BUMPER INSTREAM ADS:The bumper instream ad is short. It plays for an average of 6 seconds or less. They are paid for on a CPM [ Cost Per Mile] basis. Due to the fact that they are so short, they cannot be skipped and so advertisers must pay for every view. This style of advertising is hard to pull off because it takes a lot of creativity for your ad to stand out. They are better fitted for well established brands.
  • OVERLAY ADS: It is a banner ad. It is the kind of ads that show up at the bottom of a YouTube video. These ads can be in the form of written text or an image format. They are paid for on a PPC [ Pay Per Click] basis. These ads are quite efficient at driving traffic to your website. They are quite adept at increasing sales and boosting brand exposure. Asides having the ability to be linked to any website, they can also be spotted easily. They have a view range of no longer than 30 seconds. 
  • SPONSORED CARD ADS: Contrary to many beliefs, YouTube also hosts other kinds of advertising. Sponsored card ads are an example of that. This ad appears within a video and is located at the upper right hand corner as a small “i” symbol. Once this symbol appears, there is a text that pops up inside a rectangular shaped box. Once the text  is clicked on, an image comes to view. The aim of that image is to showcase other videos and links to products from Google shopping.

In the long run, it is important to carefully choose the YouTube ad that is best suited to cater to the current needs of your business. 

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