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Your website can be called the digital store for your business and rightly so. It is one the foremost places anyone interested in your services would go to and as such it is important for it to be properly built and designed. 

This can only be achieved through a series of well thought out plans, one of which is the proper structuring and building of a website

 As is the case with most things, mistakes are bound to be made when creating your website but these mistakes can be rectified or even avoided. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • OVERLOAD OF INFORMATION: It is important for business information to be described right away on your website. If the contents of your website cannot be understood within the first few seconds due to the fact that too much is going on, you are liable to lose potential customers. A crowded website is bad for business and thus, should be avoided. 

Also, websites that are chock-full of information will take longer to load and this will leave visitors to your websites frustrated and annoyed.

  • NOT ENOUGH INFORMATION: While trying to make sure that your website isn’t overly crowded, you could make the mistake of not supplying enough information and leaving your website to look a little too bare. It has become a norm in website design for websites to look sparse, this may work if done properly. However, leaving a lot to the imagination of the visitors is a big oversight  and is more likely to lose you customers than get you some. Visitors want to know what your business is about and how it could be of service to them. It is important for that information to be made clear in a simple and concise manner.
  • A CONCEALED NAVIGATION MENU: Going to a website and finding it difficult to locate the navigation menu or the search bar is frustrating and really annoying, yet it is one of the most common mistakes in web development. In today’s world, everything on the internet is delivered instantaneously and anything that would take longer would be abandoned. That would be the case for your site if it has navigability issues. It is important to make sure all aspects that concern navigation on your website are easy to understand and even easier to notice.
  • NON-RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN: It is important for your website to have a responsive design because it makes sure your website [and your business] is available to everyone irrespective of whatever device they use. Visitors who view your website on smartphones, desktops and ipads are able to enjoy the full experience that your website has to offer because your website’s design has been optimized for their devices.
  • USE OF IRRELEVANT IMAGES: It is advisable to make use of imagery/images that are relevant to your business and brand. While stock photos can be helpful, it is better to use them only when it is completely necessary. Making use of originals photos is actually so much better.
  • POOR USE OF CTA: It is essential to give your visitors a method to take action on your website. A call to action is a lead and your lead should have specific and clear instructions. It should be kept short and and to a maximum of five words. However, it is unadvisable to use too few words or one word that may not be clear and would end up confusing your visitors.

Building a website takes meticulous planning and a lot of effort and so it is important to avoid mistakes and errors that could render your website redundant and therefore limit the growth of your business.

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