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Creating and effectively using YouTube ads on your business requires more than just whipping up great video content. There is a step-by-step process to using YouTube ads and they are as follows:

Link Your Google Ads  and Youtube Account Together

YouTube ads operate its advertising through Google Ads. The first thing you need to do to ensure an effective use of YouTube ads is to make sure your Google Ad and YouTube account are linked.

Create And Post Your Video Ad

Create your video content with whatever device you choose. Shoot, edit and apply the finishing touches to your video. It is important to be mindful of your time requirements. Once you are finished, upload the video to your YouTube channel and then choose an ad format that is best suited to your objectives.

Create A YouTube Ad Campaign In Google Ads

You can create your YouTube ad campaign and use your Google Ads account to manage it.

Choose Your YouTube Ad Format

Decide on a an ad format. Before you begin, you should have an idea of the what ad design you intend to use. It should however, depend on your goals for the video you have already uploaded.

Set Your Budget And Bid Strategy

You will be instructed by Google Ads to decide on a budget and a bid strategy. Your budget will determine how much display and feature time your ad will get while your bid strategy determines how your budget is spent.

Choose Your Locations, Languages And A Target Audience

At this stage, you can begin to target your ads. This is done by setting your location to be tuned to the people the ads are intended for, specifying the languages of people to target [if your business is done in a multilingual place, this could turn out to be very handy].

Also, identify your target audience by collecting and collating data on their demographic like their age and gender.

Set Your Keywords And Topics

Make use of  keywords and topics relevant to your ad. You can do this by choosing topics that you are sure would pique the interests of your target audience and then add the appropriate keywords within the topic trajectory.

Enter Video Link

At this point, you are to paste the YouTube video URL into the required Google Ads section when directed.

Track Your Peformance

One of the best parts of Google Ads is that you can actually see how well your ads are doing. This allows you to be aware of the areas that need improvements and the areas that do not.

Youtube ads have proven to be excellent at raising brand awareness and when used properly is a remarkable marketing tool.

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