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Who Are We?

Casvo Digital, formerly known as Carstvo Digital, is an innovative digital agency founded on April 20, 2020, by Kingsley Sunday, a young visionary with a vast portfolio of digital skills and experience. He wanted to create a brand that provides solutions to other brands without having to pay through the nose. Kingsley was later joined by a team of brilliant individuals who were talented in various areas and shared the same passion for championing entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

At the time of its formation, the Nigerian economy was in the dirt as a result of COVID-19, among other reasons. Many people, particularly young people, were pushed into starting various businesses in order to survive. The digital space was exploding, and it was the primary means by which these start-ups promoted themselves.

Casvo Digital was created to provide youth and student entrepreneurs with the tools they need to start, position, and scale their businesses at a fraction of the cost. We have since expanded to serve both start-ups and large corporations all over the world.

Our Vision

The world is changing, and so is the global business atmosphere. Brands need to harness the power of the internet and digital technology to boost their output and ensure success. From websites to social media, video ads, digital marketing, and so on, every serious business owner needs to properly utilize these tools in order to grow and expand their business or brand.

We believe in brand transformation through effective digital management, strategic advertising, and proper branding. We hope to break the boundaries limiting the modern business space, thereby arming even startups with the arsenal they need to conquer their various industries.

Our Mission

Casvo Digital was founded to help entrepreneurs, brands, companies, businesses, and organizations navigate the ever changing digital space.

We provide digital solutions to brands by assisting them in establishing and maintaining their digital presence, allowing them to focus solely on their day-to-day operations. In other words, we handle everything concerning your brand, and all you need to do is provide the actual products and/or services to customers.

We are on a mission to break the boundaries limiting creativity and innovation.

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What We do?

Website and web-app design and development, graphic design, branding and packaging, digital marketing, Google ads, video editing, video ads, UI/UX design, and search engine optimization (SEO) are all areas in which we excel.

We are made up of a team of relentless software engineers, web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, content creators, business developers, and project managers. We have built a system that treats every brand like royalty, and we have a thing for excellence in all our projects.

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