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Proper branding plays a key role in the success or failure of a business. This is why it is important to handle the branding process carefully. Most individuals just pick a name they feel is best, whip up a logo, and jump into business because they believe they don’t matter much. Well, that is very wrong. Customers can judge a brand based solely on its name and logo. If you want to attract high-quality customers, you would need high-quality branding, and that’s where Casvo Digital’s branding services come into play.

We provide excellent branding services that provide your business with everything it needs to get started, run, and grow, and we have carefully arranged them into various packages to suit all budgets. We also provide consulting services and after-project follow-up. We are the best branding agency in Lagos, Nigeria.

$ 113
Logo Design (Rookie)
Social Media Kit
14 Days FB & IG Ads
Business Cards (100 Units)
1 Infographic (Design)
30 Second Intro Video
Google Brand panel
$ 677
Logo Design (Royalty)
Social Media Kit
Business Cards (200 Units)
Letterhead (100 units)
Business Registeration
Business Listings
3 Infographics (Design)
Advert Video (motion graphics)
Google Brand panel
Website (Max 5 Page)
Social Media Optimization
30 Days FB & IG Ads
7 Days Google search Ads
3 Professional emails
$ 2,260
Logo Design (King)
Social Media Kit
Business Cards (500 Units)
Letterhead (300 units)
ID Cards (50 units)
Company Registeration
Business Listings
10 Infographics (Design)
2 Advert Videos (motion graphics)
1 Introductory Video
Google Brand Panel
Website (Payment Enabled)
Social Media Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
60 Days FB & IG Ads
30 Days Google search Ads
30 Days YouTube Ads
Display Ads
Discovery Ads
Unlimited Professional emails

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